The role of violence in social movements

In juni organiseerden we het Marxisme Festival – een trefpunt voor activisten en een weekend van politieke discussie. Verspreid over deze zomer plaatsen we één voor één de opnames van de inleidingen online. We hebben de vaak levendige discussie na afloop van de inleiding niet opgenomen.
12 augustus 2023

The role of violence in social movements

Last spring, a discussion on violence and climate activism was canceled after a far right campaign. It was said that violence shouldn’t have a place in the toolbox of activists anyway. But a lot of questions remain. Isn’t capitalism itself a violent system? From the policing of borders and the protection of the wealth of the one percent to the murderous impact of the climate crisis. Still, many activists adhere to a strict principle of non-violence.

In this meeting we want to discuss topics such as: Why does capitalism need violence? What is the record of non-violent protests? Under what circumstances do we need violence?

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