Marxisme Meetings #2 What is socialism?

Over the past decade we have witnessed a huge rise in socialist ideas, both in local activism and in political movements, as represented by Corbyn and Sanders. In this meeting we’ll give an introduction to the broad question of “What is Socialism?”. We’ll elaborate on the different historical traditions of socialism, visions for the future, and paths to get there. We’ll also address some key issues and clarify some common misconceptions regarding socialist ideas. If you are eager to learn more about socialism but feel overwhelmed by the diverse terminology and meaning surrounding it, then this is your place to start!
22 mei 2020 8:00 livestream


  • Max Pogrzeba (International Socialists Groningen)
  • Abbie Head (Socialist Workers Party, Bristol)

This meeting will be streamed live on Facebook and Youtube.

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Marxisme Meetings #2 What is socialism?

De tweede bijeenkomst in onze serie Marxisme Meetings gaat over wat we bedoelen met socialisme

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