US Presidential Election: A Revolutionary Socialist Perspective

The presidential elections in the United States undoubtedly have effects that reach far beyond their own national borders. It has international economic, social, and political consequences.
26 oktober 2020 7:00 Online
At present, the US population appears to be presented with two options: Biden or Trump. For many, it is obvious that the re-election of Trump is an immense danger for the rights of working people, black people, and many other marginalised groups. However, a left-wing criticism of the Biden-Harris option has become louder. After all, Joe Biden is running on a right-wing capitalist platform, in a party that does not stand for working-class interests.
Yet, what is an alternative to this nightmare of capitalist so-called democracy?
The introduction for this meeting will be given by Jonathan Cunningham of the revolutionary socialist group Denver Communists. Together with him, we will dive into questions of lesser-evilism, bourgeois democracy, and what a revolutionary socialist response to it should be.
Our meeting will be online. The link to it will be posted in the facebook event as the date approaches:
The Internationale Socialisten Groningen are looking forward to seeing you at our meeting!

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US Presidential Election: A Revolutionary Socialist Perspective

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