Trans Day of Remembrance 2020

Every year on 20th November, we honor and remember the lives of trans and gender-diverse people we have lost. Our trans and gender-diverse siblings are to this day disproportionately affected by hate crimes, specifically rooted in transphobia.
20 november 2020 12:00 Noorderplantsoen, Groningen
As well as fighting for trans rights, we, the queer community and allies, want to come together to commemorate our siblings. To do so, we are organising a pass-by memorial in the park, as well as an online vigil.
12:00-24:00: Memorial at Noorderplantsoen (Pavilion)
There will be a memorial set up for passers by to be able to put down flowers and commemorate the trans lives lost this year in their own time. This will NOT be a demonstration/meeting of any sort. We will merely set up a memorial so that if you are in the park, you can pass by, put your flowers or relevant posters down, reflect by yourself and leave.
18:00-19:30: Online Vigil (link)
We will meet via Jitsi. We will read out names of the trans people killed this year and if you have candles to light, we encourage that. We will have a moment of silence. There will also be space to share your thoughts, anger, sadness and other feelings.

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Trans Day of Remembrance 2020

Herdenking om alle trans en queer slachtoffers van geweld en moord het afgelopen jaar te eren.

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