Protest for Women’s Rights in Poland

Last Thursday the Polish Constitutional Tribunal decided to invalidate the access to abortion on the ground of “severe and irreversible fatal defect or incurable illness that threatens the fetus’ life”, which constituted around 98% of performed abortions (in 2019).
31 oktober 2020 5:00 Vrijthof, Maastricht

We want to express our disagreement with the instrumentalization of the rights of women – and of everyone concerned – in the political struggle, that is happening now in Poland. This decision favors Catholic morality over basic human right and imposes an almost absolute ban on abortion – even when the fetus has no hope of survival. After years of attempts to pass its freedom-killing laws through parliamentary channels, PIS (the conservative party in power) imposes them with the help of the “Supreme Court” in the hands of their allies.

Join us, be there to express your anger, disappointment and support for women, that can no longer choose for themselves.
(1) Wear a mask!
(2) Keep your 1,5m distance!
(3) You are encouraged to wear something black;
(4) Bring a hanger, an umbrella, a poster, a candle – or anything else that symbolizes your protest.

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Protest for Women's Rights in Poland

Protest in solidariteit met de feministische opstand in Polen tegen de steeds verdere inperking van het abortusrecht.

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