Organising against austerity in Europe

19 mei 2020 8:00 livestream
* International Zoom-Meeting organised by Die Linke Berlin-Neukölln *

The governments of the wealthier EU member states and EU institutions have proven over the last several weeks that they have learned little from the devastating consequences of the austerity measures forced on countries in the south of Europe.

The finance ministers of the northern bloc have succesfully denied the implementation of Corona bonds and ensured the European Stability Mechanism, which ties financial relief to austerity conditions, is assigned to provide liquidity to ailing member states.

The commission itself also remains committed to austerity. Between 2011 and 2019, the EU commission has recommended to cut spending on pensions, health, unemployment or special needs beneifts, suppress wages and raise the pension age over 300 times. (Source: Disziplin und Strafe: Das Ende des Weges für den Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt der EU, April 2020, Study commissioned by the GUE/NGL fraction in the EP)

These policies have led to devastating mass unemployment, loss of wages and pensions, decimation of health, education and social services in countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Services that now are sorely needed in the current corona crisis. It is high time to stand up and fight for a socialist alternative! We won’t pay for their crisis again!

Together with trades unionists and activists from different EU countries, we of DIE LINKE in Berlin-Rixdorf want to discuss the current lack of solidarity in Europe and how we can should fight for a social, democratic and ecologically sustainable Europe from below.

We will conduct the meeting in English.

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Organising against austerity in Europe

Bijeenkomst georganiseerd door een lokale afdeling van Die Linke met oa. een spreker van de Internationale Socialisten over verzet tegen afbraakbeleid.

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