Movie screening: this changes everything

In this documentary Naomi Klein shows the impact of the climate crisis for communities worldwide. How working people and people in what is often called the global south are most severely affected. But she is also showing a lot of the activism taking place and the way the climate emergency can also be a way to build massive collective movements, fight for public services and an alternative to capitalism.
04 maart 2020 8:00 Vreemde streken, Wageningen

Movie will be shown with a short introduction and a discussion afterwards.

Naomi Klein is a Canadian activist and author of books such as ‘No Logo’ and ’the Shock doctrine’. This documentary accompanies her book ‘This changes everything – capitalism vs. the climate’

This event is organized by the local chapter of the International Socialists in Wageningen, together with Vreemde Streken.

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Movie screening: this changes everything

Filmvertoning Wageningen van de documentaire van Naomi Klein over de klimaatcrisis en kapitalisme

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