Marxisme Meetings #5 Lessons from the France revolt

Over the last years France has seen a number of massive street movements. Despite incredible state repression, the revolt of the gillet jaunes meant more than a year of continuous street mobilization throughout the country. At the end of last year the French working class launched a broadly supported strike wave against the privatisation of the pensions. Also now, during Covid-19, French workers are resisting attempts to make them sacrifice their lives for the French economy.
28 mei 2020 8:00 livestream

In this interview John Mullen will address topics such as: What did the French ruling class response to the coronavirus look like? How did workers respond to Macron’s measures? How does this build on previous rounds of class struggle? How is the far-right navigating the crisis?

This meeting is part of a larger series of meetings organized by the International Socialists

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Marxisme Meetings #5 Lessons from the France revolt

Bijeenkomst waarbij de in Frankrijk woonachtige socialist John Mullen geïnterviewd wordt over de collectieve strijd van de afgelopen jaren en de stand van radicaal-links.

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