Fight for Abortion Rights in Poland

01 november 2020 2:00 Grote markt, Groningen
Last Thursday (22.10) The Constitutional Tribunal of Poland, dominated by the ruling party, ruled that the right to abortion in the event of severe fetal impairment is not in line with the Polish constitution, practically banning all terminations.
On the same day people opposing drastic changes in abortion law went to the streets to march and show their frustration. Protests are ongoing both inside and outside the country (including Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Stockholm…). The protests in whole Poland are getting more and more intense every day.
We will be getting together to show our solidarity with the protesters in Poland. 

What the Polish government is doing is #waragainstwomen #womanhell #alltogether #humanrights
Abortions are a human right!
Abortion is healthcare!

Are there people in Groningen who are not indifferent to recent events against women in Poland? Are there people willing to go out on street and protest against disrespect and incivility ? 

Let us show together that we do not agree! Let us show that we do not want the government to decide about our lives, health and family!
Let us fight for everyone to have access to safe abortions everywhere!
Let’s meet for a peaceful solidarity protest.
Take umbrellas, candles, banners!
Share the event! Bring your neigbors, family, friends along!
– masks are mandatory!
– keep 1.5m distance: stay on the crosses on the ground
– don’t come if you or someone you are close with have corona-symptoms

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Fight for Abortion Rights in Poland

Protest georganiseerd in solidariteit met feministen in Polen die de straat op gaan om de steeds verdere beperkingen van toegang abortus

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