Capitalism vs. the Climate

Public meeting on the climate crisis and it's connection to the capitalist system.
07 januari 2020 7:00 Bevrijdingsstraat 38, Wageningen

In recent years the climate crisis appears to have accelerated and more than ever before people feel a need to become engaged and save the planet they live on. As a result, not only movements, but also companies brand themselves with environmentalist slogans and ideals.

However, what becomes evident is that capitalism and the climate are fundamentally incompatible. Capitalism’s internal structures of profit accumulation and a need for constantly expanding and flexible markets have run our planet to the edge of destruction.

Ewout van den Berg will be talking about the need of anti-capitalist and socialist perspectives on the contemporary climate movement. What strategies can we utilize when building a movement and fighting climate destruction? What does the switch to renewable energies mean for the working class? Is a ‘Green New Deal’ possible within the framework of capitalism?

These are some of the topics that will be addressed and discussed in our meeting.

The talk will be given in English but the speaker is Dutch so clarification in Dutch is possible, as well as questions and comments in dutch

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Capitalism vs. the Climate

Meeting on the roots of the climate crisis and it's connection with capitalism

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