dinsdag 20 juni, 2017, Rotterdam

UoC x Decolonial Poetry Night

Join us for a magical night of decolonial poetry/spoken word. Let's share words of empowerment, love, comfort, pain, sadness, frustation and everything in between. It's important to heal together and fight all the bullshit in this colonial world. Come witness the FUEGO, FIRE. And feel the healing powers of water. For we are both fire and water.

The second edition of UoC x Decolonial Poetry Night will be held at Gamers Of The West, a Rotterdam-based black-owned shop for non-electronic games of all types. Board games, wargames, classic games, roleplaying games, and general hobby supplies. The shop has a complete gameroom and hosts weekly clubs and activities. All donations will go to Gamers Of The West.

See the Facebook event.

Locatie: Gamers Of The West, Zaagmolendrift 9, Rotterdam • Aanvang: 19.30 - 22.00 .

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